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And you thought that world isn't strange enough already.


The virus, which is so large and weird that it’s redefined the very concept of a virus, has been photographed for the first time. When the virus was originally discovered infecting amoebas in a Parisian water tower in 1992, it was so large that researchers thought it was a microbe.

The rest of the article in it's entirety is underneath the cut.

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This is my Magenta. She's a wild caught Red Cheek Mud that I rehabbed. Normally, when there is a wild turtle on the road, best idea is to not disturb them unless you know that it's not a native species.  When it's an abandoned pets then you are doing a great deal of favor by picking them back up again so they have a chance to survive. Magenta came to me for rehab when a wildlife rehabber got a call that a wild turtle got mauled by a raccoon. She then contacted my friend who is the local mud turtle expert/breeder. He then called me because he happened to have no room right at the time, because he's maxed out due to new babies. So, I ended up with her, since he knew I rescue turtles and tortoises. Magenta is finally healed enuough to be in a regular tank. Her bite mark is still there, but it's now sealed. Mud turtles are bottom walkers, so even though they are more of a water turtle than sliders, they will drown in a tank full of water. At most in any tanks, you can only filled it up to 9 inches of water for a full grown mud turtle or 2-4 inches for babies/hatchlings. They're also more carnivorous than sliders. They favor worms. But, they can also have cichlid pellets as most turtle pellets are too veggie based for them. Although, for the sake to balanced diet, they need to have a piece of romaine floated in their tank so they can have some greens.
Rare Sumatran Stripped Found

We visited the Booth Museum in Brighton & Hove today, it is full of stuffed birds and a variety of mammalian skeletons! One of the wierdest mammals we came across was the Pink Fairy Armadillo, the wierdest part of the skeleton was this flat plate on the back end (which can be seen in some of these pictures!)

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I'm new, and I also can't sleep, so I collected some interesting critters for your enjoyment!

Babirusa(<--clicky) they're not exactly pretty, but I think they're awesome.

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I'll stop there. I've got a huge collection of odd critter photos, and if you guys like these, I'll definitely share more!

This is a Laughing Kookaburra, well actually this is not exactly a good example, because, well does he look like he wants to laugh. From the Omaha, Nebraska Zoo.
I know nothing has been posted in here in a long time but I couldn't think of anything... I was watching Wildboyz and I saw a really cool critter :)

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It is called a Slow Loris... if you want to know some more info about it check out this site... its just one of a few that I found looking for pictures. :)


EDIT: And looking thru previous entries I just realized that this cute animal was already posted... oh well. It's still cute! :) I will have to find another odd critter to post today just to make up for it. :P
I just started a new community for animal lovers, animal rights activists, anyone who loves animals. You can post anything you want there as long as it pertains to animals. :) you can see it here: saveanimals